This survey is for women only!

Ladies, I am conducting an experiment so please answer each question truthfully. Experiments don't work unless the data collected is honest, so please keep that in mind. Your assistance is greatly appreciated, and all fields are optional. Just fill in what you are comfortable with sharing.

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bust waist hips
Piercings   Tattoos  
Brands   None  

Sexually aggressive   Pace setter  
Follows your lead   submissive  
Shy   Total equal  
Alternating control   None of these  
Giving head   Being eaten  
Anal sex   Masturbation  
Sensory deprivation   Mutual masturbation  
Nude photography   Home videos  
Voyeurism   Role playing  
Sex in public   Threesomes  
Orgies   Fun with food  
BDSM   Watersports  
Giving head   Anal sex  
Masturbation   Sensory deprivation  
Nude photography   Home videos  
Life role playing   Role playing  
Serving others   Being served by others  
Sex in public   Threesomes  
Multiple female   Multiple male  
Orgies   Watersports  
Naturism   Sex with strangers  
Anal beads   Climax beads  
Dildos   Clit stimulators  
Vibrators   Restraints  
Butt plugs   Ben-Wa balls  
Strap-ons   Double dongs  
Feathers   Paddle  
Whip   Swing  
Blindfolds   I don't like using toys  
Monogomous   Swinger  
Open relation   Single male, multiple female  
Multiple couple   Single female, multiple male  
slave to my Master   Mistress to my slave  
Other  (please explain below)

  If yes or socially, explain in the "clarify" field
  If yes or socially, explain in the "clarify" field